'Actions and shortcuts' options broken since 1.1

Hi there,

The actions and shortcuts page on version 1.041 was great, very easy to use, very clear.
On 1.1 its turned into a squashed ‘spreadsheet’ type table that is sometimes non-responsive for a lot of the options. I assume this is a bug??

Great program on the whole though, early days I know but keep up the good work


tested on:

Imac i9, 8 core, 64gb Memory, Monterey latest
Mac Book Pro i7, quad core, 16gb Memory, Big Sur latest

Why, for me it’s one of the best improvements whatsoever :slight_smile:
It combines keyboard shortcuts, MIDI, MIDI learn, and remote in one place.
There is almost no difference to the previous “Actions” dialog, except that it is divided into categories (tabs at the top) because otherwise it becomes messy, and the addition of the keyboard shortcut cell. Other than that, it is all the same, no?
Upcoming version also has the additional data2 from/to that were present in the old “Actions” already, plus you can define the UI item to even more precicely control its behaviour (toggle and button behave differently, for instance).
Please let us know what you are missing, or what is so different from the previous implementation?

Which ones you mean? UI was just for display but can be edited with the next version.
Two more remarks: a) I hope you discovered the new Learn feature (“L” button in the bottom line) which directly interacts with the Actions and Shortcuts; and b) we added next/previous channel, and as you can set Channels and Layers actions to “Selected”, you can control the entire Mixer or Layers by using select, and then control via MIDi (and later, VST Live Modules).

Thanks for your quick reply, I think the non-responsive problems I had were mainly operator error, I was clicking on the UI column in the project tab for example and couldn’t get rid of the red box which appears and which you can’t read the contents. I wrongly assumed this was an error as the UI was not as slick looking as the rest of the program. My bad.

The thing I am missing is indeed the data 2 columns that were in the old version. For example, If you are using a sustain pedal (CC64) to increment parts or songs you need to reverse the polarity or it doesn’t work properly and not all sustain pedals have a polarity switch on them. I was able to do this easily on the last version.

Sounds like this is in hand for next update.



Will be possible with the update, up to now it was just a display.

You clicked the “shortcut” column and that red box is waiting for a key to be entered so to define the leyboard shortcut :slight_smile:

Added in the upcoming update.

Yes, you are right. With the update, you can a) set an action to be “Toggle”, or “Button” to set its value, usually that is 0 for off and anything else for on. But data2 was missing, for “from” set to 1, so to avoid switching off directly after on for controls which emit both, such as a note on when pressed, and note off when released.

That all sounds great, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

First of all, the new actions configuration is great.
A big thing which i missed in the previous versions.

But, I have some difficulties with the new actions settings too.
I use the Elements version

First, its not possible or i haven’t seen it yet, to control the master volume.
I haven’t found any page to configure this.

Second: If I was able, to setup controls for my layers, i wanted to save the settings.
but on next start, the settings were not loaded. Yes, I have saved the project.
And the loading of the previously saved settings didn’t work either. Nothing was set.

The last and most anoying issue with the config ist, that there seem to be some bugs with refreshing the view:
In the layer section I add a new control, set name, Layer and UI per dropdown.
LEARN works fine and it recognise and set the MIDI Input.

But there’s a problem: If the UI is set to slider and i move the knob, the Data2 From and Data2 To values gets the value which the MIDI channel currently have.
If it was rotated to the minimum, the value will be 0 to 0, if it somewhere in the middle the values were set to e.g. 54.
mothing big, because it can be changed manually, but it would be more intuitive, if the values for “SLIDER” would set 0 to 127 by default.

The biggest problem I have, is that if I would set three or more Controls, the view dont refresh properly.

  1. I add a control, it has Layer 1 by default, I set the Name to Volume
  2. I add a second control, set Layer to 2 and the name to volume
  3. When I add a third control, it has automatically layer 1 and name Undefined and therefor will be sorted between the first two controls.
    when i will change the layer to 3 of this new control (which is on second position) , it will set layer 3 to the control at third position.
    If i change the name to “PAN” it will change the name of the control on third position.
    If I will change the name of the control, which is displayed on third position back to “volume”, a error occur, that the name “volume” of layer 1 is already assigned.

So it seems that if i click on the second control I actually change values of the third and vice versa.

Hopefully these bugs will be fixed soon. Thanks

You are correct, it will be added with the next version coming soon, sorry.

That’s weird. Actions and Shortcuts are saved locally, and with the project.
How precisely did you set your Layer actions? Can you provide a step-by-step repro?

Cannot reproduce, but we did fix some stuff so it may have been fixed already for the upcoming version.

You are correct, that is a bug and will also be fixed with the next version, thanks for reporting!

Found and fixed this, thanks for reporting!