Actions to futureproof Stbg and NI purchases eg. incase of pc change?

Hi, I wondered what actions if any I need to take beyond keeping receipts for steinberg and Native Instruments downloaded software, presets etc incase I need to reinstall later eg. if change pc. I was caught out when I bought Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ 2 years ago and recently found that version wasn’t supported anymore! I hadn’t missed the party of the installation instructions that advised keeping the installation setup file. Somehow a pipe sample was missing and I had to be saved by another user who sent it. All my installed stuff is backed up just not the downloads folder which I see has a cubase subfolder. If I change pc I will have to purchase the organ again and now it’s several hundred pounds! What would you advise folk do to futureproof themselves particularly regarding Steinberg and NI purchases ? Many thanks.