Activate/Deactivate ALL Insert Effects on a Channel in the Mixer window

I wish to easily deactivate/disable ALL Insert Effects on a channel .

At the moment you can activate/deactivate an individual Insert effect by Alt + CLicking the bypass button. This is not available on the Insert header to allow Activation/Deactivation of ALL inserts on that channel. The Bypass option is available on the Insert Header in the Mixer, the Activate/Deactivate Effect is not.

Please add the ability to Activate/Deactive all Insert Effects on a channel on the Mixer window itself by allowing Alt + Click on the Insert header.


EDITED to change focus of feature request to Mixer Channel headers rather than individual inserts.

use “Alt+click” on the bypass insert on MC to activate/deactivate

Hi Mozizo,

Thanks for that - I’d also read about Alt + Click but hadn’t been able to make it work. When you posted I tried again and realised why; it works well on the individual inserts but doesn’t work on the Insert header (where you can still bypass all the effects) which must have been where I was trying when it didn’t work.

I will change the feature request to enable the Activation/Deactivation of all inserts on a channel by Alt Clicking the header as this would work even better for my purposes.

I need to deliver STEMs which all require their own processing. Normally I only need 3 or 4 but my template is set up to process as many as 10 depending on the project. I’d like to keep 6 of them deactivated to free up CPU/RAM but would want to activate them all easily - an Alt + Click on the header would be the best way.


Hello dbh,

Sorry for jumping in on this very old thread, but have you found solution to this “problem” yet? I think this would be a really neat feature indeed. I have Cubase 10.0.50 and as far as I know the problem still exists.


Hello, so: open the mixing console window, highlight all the tracks you want to disable all insert effects for, hold Shift+Alt, and click the “bypass inserts” button on any highlighted track. Works on “sends” like this as well btw, or EQ