Activate HALion Sonic 2 MIDI out in Cubase 7.5

I have Halion Sonic 2 on one instrument track. I then created a MIDI track. I went to assign the Halion Sonic instance as the MIDI input for my MIDI track, but was surprised to find it isn’t listed as an option. I know in Kontakt you have to turn on/configure the MIDI out in it’s settings. Is that the case with HALion Sonic 2 and if so, where do I activate the MIDI out at? If this is covered in the manual I am unable to find it.


You’re logic is backwards here I’m afraid.
Halion Sonic requires a MIDI input and will produce an audio output.
Have your external keyboard or MIDI controller input through your midi port (even if USB it should have a MIDI port) and this Port will be the input to your midi track.

Umm, no, my logic is perfectly fine. Every other instrument in my project has MIDI out. I use the MIDI out for recording sequences (including keyswitches and CCs) generated by the instrument in question.

Some VST instruments can produce a MIDI output or pass MIDI through. In the case of HALion Sonic, BriHar is correct. It does not produce a MIDI output. It can record the FlexPhraser MIDI output as a MIDI phrase, but that, I know, is not what you are looking for.

Thanks guys. I actually did want to record a flex phrase from the “non-existent” HALion Sonic MIDI out because the internal flex phrase recorder seemed to be adding sustain/hold to the notes, and I couldn’t find a keyswitch or CC in the MIDI that was generating that sustain/hold. Note that I tried the internal recorder multiple times with the same result, however I just tried it again and that sustain is no longer there.

This is likely related to a mysterious issue I was having with Retrologue last night in another project. I didn’t make the connection until just now since I was not looping the recorded flex phrase MIDI loop over and over while changing instrument presets like I was with Retrologue so I didn’t realize just how extreme the issue was.

All notes have infinite sustain in Retrologue

Now that I think about it, even if the HALion flex phase recorder was causing the issue, if HALion Sonic had a MIDI out it probably would have sent exactly the same information. As a side note, I do wonder why Steinberg created an internal MIDI recorder than than going with a standard MIDI out.

Finally, slightly off topic from the topic title, but getting at the crux of my issue, any ideas on what could add infinite sustain/hold on a track? The issue wasn’t caused by the recorded or hand drawn MIDI. Could it have been something like a MIDI Modifier, Quantize or some other track setting? I want to avoid creating the issue again. Equally mysterious is how the issue has now disappeared a couple days later. Restarting Cubase didn’t make the issue go away because I had tried that multiple times while trying to track down the problem with Retrologue.

I spoke too soon. I am still having this issue, but it doesn’t start until later in the track. I have copied the exact same flex phrase from earlier in the track where it sounds correct and then later in the track that same MIDI has infinitely building up hold/sustain.

I am so confused. Another thing I have tried is “Delete All Automation in Project” so it is not an automation issue. The MIDI is an exact copy (alt-click-drag) of the properly functioning MIDI and on the same track. I just don’t know what could cause sustain/hold to begin at some point in time on a track. I can set the play marker to the functioning instance, hear that it is working, click stop, move the play marker to the next instance on the track, click play, and hear that it is messed up. So it isn’t some sort of MIDI along the way creating the issue.

My issue with the mysterious sustain is resolved.

Copy/pasted from another post on what I initially thought was a separate issue:

I had a section of MIDI that left a hold CC at 100. Of note, this section did not have to be played for it to effect a section of MIDI that came after it. This didn’t line up with my intuition of how CC triggers on a track worked and thus my difficulty locating the problem. My notion was if you created a fresh measure of MIDI, put the start marker at that measure and hit play that measure would not be effected by anything coming before it. It appears Cubase prescans the track for CCs however, which I actually think is great for when tweaking individual parts of a measure, but can make troubleshooting a little rough if you don’t know this is how it works.

I wish keyswitches could be prescanned in the same way. Working with individual measures in Ample Sound Guitars for instance can be sort of a pain since some keyswitches have to occur immediately before the measure. Thus if you are looping a measure while tweaking it you may be missing an important keyswitch. Hmm, I wonder if expression maps are prescanned. Will have to test.