Activate license on differeHey fellas. 1st post. Just nt pc?

Hi fellas. 1st post. New Cubase customer.
Just received 8 artist. My studio pc has no internet connection. In order to Activate license ( usb licenser ) and register software, can I do this on another pc that does have a wifi connection?
Have not installed yet. Just waiting for conformation that this is not gonna screw the set up.

Thanks in advance.


Hi and welcome,

Yes, you can activate the licence in the USB-eLicenser on any computer, connected to the Internet. And then just move your USB-eLicenser (with activated licence already) to your studio computer.

This works for USB-eLicenser products only. This doesn’t work for Soft-eLicenser products.

Of course, you have to install eLicense Control Center on the computer you are using to activate. :smiley:
Then install Cubase AND eLCC on the studio machine and. Insert the dongle.