Activate playback for this project

I think this new window showed up in 4.0.31. When I load a project, the new window says “Activate playback for this project? This will cause all required VST plug-ins to be loaded, and allow this project to be played back.”

I’m not sure what this means and haven’t found any information (yet) online. If I only use the Halion sounds library, should I answer “Do Not Activate”?

You should activate. Halion is a VST plug-in

Ah, now I’ve tried “Do Not Activate” and see what you mean. I wish the popup window explained this a bit better, something like “Dorico will use the beep sounds instead of VST”.

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Here where you can set it to always activate

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If you are using large sample libraries or lots of instruments then loading everything required for playback can take a noticeable amount of time. In some cases you may not care about playback, e.g. if you are opening a second project just to copy and paste some material from it into your first project, and so you may not want to wait for all the sounds to load. The Activate Playback feature is designed to allow you to control this.


It is also described in detail in the Dorico 4 Version History PDF. See page 98.

Daniel’s link explains it – I’ve not loaded multiple projects at once since getting Dorico 4.0. This message is only needed when more than one project is loaded.