Activate, Pre/Post Fader Buttons in the way on mixer page

So I find that when I’m using the mixer page and I’m zoomed out all the way, that on the cue sends when you hover over them these massive buttons appear allowing you to activate the cue send or make it pre/post fader. when zoom out all the way it makes it nearly impossible to adjust the level of the cue send with out these buttons getting in the way all the time. I’m always accidentally pushing one of the buttons. Anyway to turn them off? I just want to be able to adjust the levels of the cue sends quickly and efficiently without these buttons getting in the way during a recording session. The only way to get around it is to zoom in, but then I can see less channels.


Mouse scroll wheel works well by just hovering in the middle. But also it seems to work if you click one of the buttons and then wiggle the mouse even if you first click on one of the buttons. Any use?


thanks Mike! It seems that the scroll wheel does work and even better whenever you click and drag it looks like that trumps the buttons which is good!

Yes, thanks for that great advice! I’m going to try that on the regular sends too.

BTW - are all these really helpful little tricks in the manual anywhere? If not, a) how do people know them, and b) can we please get a little section on “Mouse-ology” in the next manual?

Thanks again, Mike!

[EDIT: Gargoyle Studios/Mike - BOTH your suggestions worked on SENDS also … hurrayyy … and thanks!