"Activate Sidechain" Button Missing Entirely?


I just upgraded to Cubase 10.5 Elements from Cubase 7 AI.
Everything is working great, except the “Activate Sidechain” button that I know should be found in many of my vst plugins (such as “Compressor”) is missing entirely. I understand that not all plugins have this option, but the Cubase Compressor plugin for example has been shown to have this option in many Cubase tutorials I see online teaching sidechain compression. As a matter of fact, I do not see any sidechain options anywhere I look (or right-click on certain areas- it’s as if I am in an alternate universe where this handy tool does not exist).

I have attached a screenshot for your reference. Is there perhaps a setting that I have to modify on the back end?

Any tips would be appreciated!


You are - it´s called the „Cubase Elements universe“, whereas Cubase users with sidechain option are in the „Cubase Artist or -Pro universe“.

Yikes. You are absolutely correct and I hadn’t even considered that an option. Thanks!