Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme - Not available on mac?


I have a very powerful MacBook Pro:
i9 2.3 GHZ, 64 GB RAM, 2TB SSD, 8GB GPU.
I work on 2048 buffer size which is the maximum that I can have.
I’ve ASIO-Guard enabled with the high setting.

I get real-time performance spikes and sound outages on all of my busy projects. Basically can’t really work properly.
I saw that some Cubase has the option to “Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme”. Which might help.

However, I can’t seem to find it on Cubase 11 - Mac OS version.
Is this power scheme basically not available on Mac?


Did you check with Manuel de Steinberg? :wink:,steinberg,audio,power

Hello Steve,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I of course checked many links and web pages, including the one you posted. As I mentioned in my original post, on my mac and Cubase 11 setup panel settings, that option to activate the audio power scheme simply does not exist. Please take a look in the following attached image to demonstrate.

And so that’s why I’m trying to understand if that a Windows only feature (although it’s not stated in the official Steinberg manual).

Yeah sorry to waste your time… I had supposed that it would be documented.
I guess it’s not? Maybe it’s a thing with permissions access? I’ve learned that in newer MacOSs, some features need to be specifically okay’d by the user in System Preferences- such as access to a microphone.

No worries at all, I appreciate you trying to assist.
May I ask, do you use Mac or Windows? Do you have that option for you, on a Mac?

Windows is my main machine – I have a Macbook from 2011, and it can’t be updated to the latest OS, so I can’t do an apples to apples comparison.

There are many Mac users about here, hopefully someone will weigh in.

I do not have this option on my Mac either. I believe this to be windows only. I actually think the manual is mis-marked. (it has the Audio Priority marked as windows only but I have that feature in my Mac)


Thanks for that information. I guess that settles it then, it’s only available on Windows machines.