Activate the tuplet input "right away" via keyboard?

When a note value is selected, clicking on “3:2” automatically activates the fitting triplet values. But it does so only, when clicked with the mouse. Is there a way to activate it via a keyboard shortcut?

The preconfigured keyboard shortcut “Ö” (German keyboard) opens the dialog, but that is exactly what I would like to skip. And I cannot find any other keyboard shortcut that would address that very button.

Entering ö 3 enter seems fast enough, doesn’t it?

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I prefer a one-click solution here too as I use 3:2 tuplets way more often than other tuplets. I always input with a MIDI keyboard and numpad, so I added the following to my user keycommands file:

This way I have numpad 1 set to start triplet input with one click. (I have numpad 2 set to end tuplet input as well.)


I did suggest that there be a key command to trigger the tuplet ‘button’ with whatever option it currently has.

I’ve actually swapped the “Shift+Y” command for the “;”… that’s how often I need to choose the ratio.

Thank you, @klafkid , for your fast response! I didn’t know about that (even though I now remember to have seen it in a Dorico tutorial video somewhere). It is useable, but not so much, when entering with keyboard.
I will go with your suggestion, @FredGUnn ! Thank you for providing it!
Cool forum! So many quick answer and thought exchanges!

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yes, it also seems peculiar to me that with D4 we have a button for 3:2 now, but cannot assign a key command to it.

Stream Deck with a programmed 3:2 triplet toggle on and off has been particularly useful for me.