Activated Arranger interferes with Cycle Marker Exports

Turning off Arranger seems to fix, but I don’t recall this being a problem in 9.5. Exporting a cycle marker should override arranger events.


Could you please write step-by-step repro current result and an expected result?

It may be intermittent but.

-Have a number of arranger events and the arranger activated.
-Have a cycle marker track with a number of cycles, near or maybe overlapping arranger events.
-export to bring up export window, export cycle markers, select one cycle marker that is overlapping an activated arranger event
-Perform project export in real time, what I saw was, the project cursor bounced back to the arranger event instead of my cycle marker and exported the wrong area.

all of my arranger events were in loop mode, not sure if that contributed.


To me it works as expected. The Cycle Marker is exported and the Arranger is ignored in this case. See attached screenshot, please.