Activated Cubase 6 trial before launching Cubase 6

I realize now I should have done it the other way around, but I activated Cubase 6 Trial on my e-licenser first, and put in the activation code before I actually ran Cubase 6. Now when I run Cubase 6, it wants to activate the license, but this has already been done. It tries to activate it a 2nd time but fails, so in 20 hours or so, I will no longer be able to use the 30 day trial. My thinking was Cubase 6 would look at the e-licenser and see the trial activated, so it shouldn’t matter what order I do these steps in, but I seem to be mistaken.

Can anyone help?


Try re-installing eLCC that came with the full version. If no, try trashing Prefs.

The auth codes of the two should have been different and have nothing to do with one another.

yes different license but you can delete the demo license !

Thanks guys, but I realize I was not clear. I own Cubase 5 and the dongle that came with it. Today I registered on Steinberg’s site to get the Cubase 6 demo, as I really would like to upgrade, but wanted to try it out first. I ran the e-licensers software and entered the authorization code before running Cubase, instead of the other way around. When I run Cubase 6 trial, it wants to authorize using the code, but I already did this, so Cubase tells me the code has already been used before when it tries to authorize.

I’d really like to have the 30 days to test Cubase 6 out. I hope I haven’t screwed myself here.

Thanks for your help!

What does eLCC say re: licenses? A screenshot would be good, but you have to block out the actual license #'s.

Send an e-mail to info at steinberg dot de explaining the situation.

well demo only avaible for 30 days you can try this :
You can click “Maintenance” in the eLicenser Control Center, this will refill your starts, as often as you like, within 30 days

One thing I noticed today is that it still says I have 20 hours remaining. The time has not gone down from yesterday, so I’m wondering can I just keep using Cubase 6 Trial in this manner by avoiding the activation?

Thanks all. Here is a screenshot of my e-licenser:

Is the Cubase 6 trial refusing to open if you cancel the authorisation request?

I didn’t trial it so am just wondering if this authorisation request you are seeing now is to fully authorise the trial so you can keep using it after 30 days.

Youe Elicencer currently says you have until 4th Jan which is what you would expect…I think you might be imagining a problem here that doesn’t exist??


I believe you are correct. :blush: It all makes sense now. The message is referring to if i want to actually register the trial as the full version. I can hit cancel and open it just fine. Sorry all! Thanks for your help!