Activatie Cubase E-licensor


I’ve got from my uncle Cubase 7(he did this on because he is going to try logic), but how do I activate it? Should I just buy an e-licensor?

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Ask your uncle to give you the Cubase dongle as well. Download and install the latest eLicenser software, plug the dongle into a USB 2 port, and you’re good to go. No activation needed.

Good luck.

He lost the dongle :frowning:

What do i need to do now? Buy a dongle and the software and its done?

Oh my goodness! Without that lost dongle you have nothing, and buying a new dongle is by NO means a solution.

Ask the person who originally bought Cubase and activated it to report his lost dongle to Steinberg support and see what they say. Otherwise you need to buy Cubase all over again yourself.

I’m not sure what your uncle was trying to pull when he gave you the Cubase software without its original dongle, but it really looks like he was trying to pull your leg! If he has really lost the dongle, he can’t use Cubase either, so “trying Logic” is just a ridiculous excuse.

I’m curious though, did you give him “your” Logic instead? :confused:

Nah, it doesn’t occur to everyone that software must require a useless hardware component in order to operate, as 99% of all useful software does not. Don’t even pretend that dongles are in the least bit valuable to anyone but the company that issues them.

Here’s the worst case: he’ll have to buy a new dongle and Steinberg will give him a new license if his copy of Cubase was indeed a legit purchase. That’s the extent of it.

We’re talking Cubase 7 here, which obviously needs that “useless hardware component in order to operate”. It’s a known fact. Period.

I almost said the same thing, with the reservation that this poor kid might not have access to the receipt of purchase or a similar document, on account of the fact that when somebody is careless enough to lose his dongle, they are unlikely to keep a piece of paper. So what if he can’t prove it was a legit purchase?

One more thing: how many times are you allowed to lose your dongle and get a new license? More dongles are easy to buy, but more licenses…? The way I see it, this kid is a victim. Something is not quite right… :confused:

All in all, I really do hope that Steinberg will issue him a new license as easily as you see the matter.


something fishy there…there was another thread last week about online scams where the seller/uncle
“wanted to try logic”. hmmmmmmmmm