activating an older veson of CubaseLE on mac os 10.7.5

hello im trying to install an older version of cubase on my mac (i cannot upgrdae my mac past 10.7.5 - its old). i can get cubase 7 downloaded but cannot activate it. the elincenser says upgrade when i upgrade it says not compatible with this software.
does anyone have any suggestions.

can i get cubase LE on an old mac?



Same issue; I’m running Mac OS High Sierra. Cubase 7 LE on disc but no disc drive. Need a new activation code, but how/where?


Cubase LE 7 is officially macOS 10.9 and 10.10 compatible only. MacOS 10.13 High Sierra is not supported.

Do I understand you right, you are searching for the Full Installer?

If your Cubase LE has been activated already, go thru the Reactivation process, please.

thanks for your replies. Yes a need full installer and will try activation process, although I’ll have to check my Mac Os specs to find out if it’s supported.

Looks like I’m hooped. High Sierra 10.13.6. Wonder what my options are? Purchase a supported version I guess?


I have sent you PM with the link.

You can try, if you will be lucky and Cubase 7 would work on your system.

I have Cubase LE 6 installed and working on High Sierra.
The only issue I have found is that you get this appearing when you try to open it:

If you click reopen it runs and it’s 100% functional for me. Having said that I mainly just use it for quick editing jobs as I have Elements 11 on my main computer.

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