Activating augmentation dots with the numeric pad

I was just wondering how other users who use non-English keyboard layouts type in augmentation dots. I can select values either using the numeric keys above the letters or by using the numeric pad. The latter is, for me, usually easier. Unfortunately, the dot between the zero and the enter keys is mapped to be a comma, which is what my region uses for the decimal point, therefore Dorico doesn’t recognise it to activate the augmentation dot, so I have to use the dot on the non-numeric part of the keyboard. I could change the language region to be English or American while I’m using Dorico or futz with other system preferences, but I was wondering if other users had come up with a handier alternative.

Read this:
Keyboard language is irrelevant, I think.

Thank you once again, Leo! I keep forgetting how powerful Dorico’s keyboard mapping can be.