Activating cubase 11 pro in schools elicenser issue

Hi all,
We have just ordered 30 licences for cubase 11 pro for a music suite in school. We have all the software installed and up to date soft elicencers installed on all the machines. We have registered all the licences with our “my steinberg” but when we attempt to activate one of the licences on the machines it says that it cannot find a USB licencer to install the licence to.
We have 1 USB elicencer in school but do we need one for each and every machine? I thought the soft elicencer was supposed to stop the need for this?

Yes, I would install inside the boxes if possible

Thanks for reply Steve, just to confirm, I will need to buy a hardware dongle for each PC? Im just concerned about students taking the dongles out of the PCs and losing them so this isnt that ideal.

At present there is no other choice. I would probably wire a usb socket inside so that the dongle can’t be tampered with.

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