Activating Cubase AI Elements 9.5

Tried everything but throwing the kitchen sink at the elicenser control center to activate cubase 9.5! I’ve done fresh installs, updated everything possible and been totally lost on the online help articles on the Steinberg website.

I’m using my gaming PC (not laptop or any form of mobile device) and trying to activate Cubase 9,5 on my hard drive. It does say I need some sort of USB but can’t you use your hard drive instead? I tried everything. Anyone else had this issue?

A new installed version of Cubase AI/Elements 9.5 should install it’s license on a Soft eLicenser. Meaning it should install and work without a USB eLicenser (dongle). The only time it would need a USB eLicenser would be if the license was previously transferred to a dongle (might have happened if you purchased a previously owned 9.5). If this is an install to a different computer then you would have to follow the reactivation procedures listed here.

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Try with the elicenser helper:

@GiovanniB Thank you so much that got it working, ill let the support team know this as well since ive had a ticket open for 3 days now