Activating Cubase Pro 8 for Mac from Cubase 4


I am trying to upgrade from Cubase 4 on my 10 yr old PC to a new iMac.
I have purchased the following:

Cubase Pro 8 Update from Cubase 4 / 5
Download Win / Mac
Activation Code: ####

I have the USB eLicenser for Cubase 4 in my old PC.

My Dilemma:
For business purposes I need be able to continue to use Cubase 4 in my PC because I have recording orders to fill daily. Also, I am unfamiliar with the new interface and features in Cubase Pro 8 for Mac and I don’t know how long it is going to take to learn the new software. I am sure to migrate my business to Cubase Pro 8, just not sure how long it will take.

Question :question: :
Am I suppose to take the eLicenser USB device from the old Cubase 4, in my PC and use it in the new iMac to activate the the Cubase Pro 8 software?

BIG QUESTION :question: :question: : If the answer is yes, and I do that (I have not yet), will I still be able to use the eLicenser USB in the old PC and use Cubase 4 to complete my daily orders? It is very important that I have uninterrupted service to those who place orders with me while I am learning to use Cubase Pro 8.

:confused: I am kind of stuck here, so I appreciate any help in activating Cubase Pro 8 in my iMac, while maintaining the ability to utilize Cubase 4 in my PC.

What do I need to do to activate Cubase Pro 8 in my iMac?


Ty Curtis


Yes, you can take your USB-eLicenser from your PC to Mac, and update your Cubase 4 licence to the Cubase 8 licence. It doesn’t matter, if you will activate this update licence on your PC or Mac.

And your second question. Yes, BUT… In theory, you are allowed to use Cubase 4 application with your Cubase 8 licence. But you should update your eLCC application. If you will not update the eLCC, it’s possible the Cubase 8 licence will be not recognised, and will be displayed as “Unknown licence” on the system with the old eLCC (so then, you can’t run your Cubase on this system, because there is no known licence). Now, the tricky part is: which Windows do you use? If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 7, then it’s not problem at all (you will just update eLCC to the latest version: at this moment). But if you are using Windows XP, the newest eLCC is not officially compatible with Windows XP. So it’s possible, it will not work. Then, you could try to install the latest eLCC on your Windows XP (and hope, it works), or you can keep the latest Win XP eLCC version, and hope, this version will recognise Cubase 8 licence. If you are using Win XP (I hope not), then I would recommend to try to update your eLCC before you activate your Cubase 8 Upgrade, and check, if the eLCC has been installed, and work as expected. If yes, then I would upgrade the licence.

Sorry for the long story… :wink:

Hey Martin, Thanks for your reply! I just heard from tech-support today. They said that I would need to update my windows XP computer with an archived version of eLicense. They sent a link to it. I checked the link and it said it would work with XP service pack 3, which I don’t think is on the computer. Really nervous about making changes to the computer, which has served me well for the last 8 years. Once I had everything really fast on the computer, I stayed offline with that machine- no updates, no nothing, and it has has remained blazing fast with Cubase 4. I would hate to take a wrong turn and not be able to get back.

One other question- Will Cubase Pro 8 open and read and edit files that I have created on Cubase 4?
That at least would give me some sense security- though I probably wouldn’t know how navigate the new look, or deal with new key pad assignments. The Mac Keypad is smaller, without a numeric keypad.

One other thought just occurred to me. Would the folks at Cubase send me a duplicate eLicense dongle? The one I have is registered, so it wouldn’t be like I was trying to get a freebie. Just a thought.


Yes, you can open Cubase 4 projects in Cubase 8. Don’t worry.