Activating dongle for cubase studio 5

I purchased a used version of Cubase studio 5 that includes the original license and dongle. When I tried to activate the license it told me that it was already activated. It also tells me that I have 25 hours of usage ?
Is there a solution to this ?

C. Lynne

The activation code has already been used. If the Cubase 5 license is not on the dongle already then you have no license. The 24 hours remaining is an “All Applications” license that Steinberg includes on new dongles to ensure the software can be used immediately in case the user is unable (for whatever reason) to activate the permanent license right away (i.e. server down or something). Open the ELicenser Control Center with the dongle plugged in. Select the USB dongle and see what licenses exist on it. Obviously, you should see that “All Applications” license. You should also see the Cubase 5 Studio license. If you do not, you need to contact the seller because they basically sold you some useless disks and manuals. If the license IS there then you don’t need to “activate” it (activating is the process of putting the license on the dongle). Just plug in the dongle and open Cubase.