Activating Dorico 3.5 on another computer

Hi Guys,
My laptop has been in service for almost two weeks now so I decided to activate my Dorico license (3.5) on my older laptop till my newer one returns from service (Then I would like to activate the license again on my newer laptop).

I have the activation code in my E-mail. My question is, do I simply download Dorico and activate it using the activation code and then do the same once my newer laptop comes back or is there another procedure that I need to do?

Thanks in advanced,

You won’t be able to reuse your original activation code: each activation code can be used only once. But you can use the reactivation procedure described here to get a new activation code for your temporary machine. If your repaired machine has had its drive reformatted etc. then you can repeat the procedure on the repaired machine when you get it back.

Thanks Daniel!