Activating Halion Sonic from Halion Sonic SE under Cubase 6


I have just purchased a promotion activation code for Halion Sonic SE to update it into a full Halion Sonic. I put the activation code into e-licencer and download HS license on. Unfortunately I still can not see Halion Sonic on the list of VST instruments under Cubase (Halion Sonic SE is still visible and active). Please could you tell me what to do to make Halion Sonic fully functional?

Przemyslaw (Poland)

A clarification:

Halion Sonic SE does not update to Halion Sonic.
Halion Sonic is a completely separate product from Cubase 6.
Halion Sonic SE is the basic version that is included with Cubase 6.

Your copy of Cubase 6 should have come with a trial DVD for Halion Sonic. Install it.
The license code you activated will allow you full usage of Halion Sonic (no further license activation necessary).