activating my trial

On MacBook Air - I have downloaded and installed the program. When I start - I enter my activation code (emailed to me). Then I get a message to that eLicenser license server is outdated. I click the blue button to “Update eLD.” Then I get this message “There are still other applications running which prevented this process from succeeding. Please close all other applications and try again.” But I had all applications closed. Advice

By the way - Hi Daniel! Hope you are well. This is John Kline from back in the day.

Please stop all running programs and then start /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor
In the list of processes, do you see a process with the name Synsopos?
If you do, force quit that process by clicking the top-left icon in Activity Monitor.
Then start again the eLicenserControlCenter and try the update anew. Any better?

If that does not do the trick, a reboot might help.

Good to see you here, John! I’m disappointed your forum name isn’t some hugely long combinations of J and K, though :slight_smile:

kjkjjklkj - busted!

Hey Ulf - I dont have Synopsis in the list. Any other culprits? Or other suggestions?

And what if now you the eLicenser Control Center and do the update? Still that error message? (And have you rebooted and no other app running?)

Got it!! Synopsis did finally show up. Forced it to quit and presto. Now on to exploring Dorico.