Activating Native Instruments in Cubase (9 Pro) for the firs

Help needed please, I have downloaded and installed a few Native Products (Kontact 5 player, Reaktor 5 player, Vintage Organs trial and Guitar Rig 5 Factory Selection). (Excuse my cheapness, I plan to buy more stuff in the future if I like the trial/player versions!) All installed on my Native Access account, so how do I access them in my cubase instruments? Have looked through Plugin Manager and nothing is there… tried opening an instrument track…

I had the same issue with Waves plug-ins and somebody on here recommended I delete and re-install Waves Central, strangly that worked so everytime I buy a new Waves product, I do that, if it doesn’t appear automatically.

Anyway, any advice for Native products??

Thanks in advance.


Make sure the path is set to the plug-ins (vst3 files or DLL) in the Plug-in Manager.

Yes, have tried loads of times. Both Kontakt and Reaktor show in the instrument list, but nothing of Guitar Rig and I can’t get a sound out of Vintage Keyboards, probably being stupid but getting very frustrated…

Guitar Rig is an insert effect and not an instrument so you will only see it when you click on the inserts drop down list of an audio output channel.

Make sure that you are ONLY directing Cubase to either the 32 bit directory or the 64 bit directory and not both.

I think Vintage organs opens in Kontakt. Check the MIDI channe and audio outputs from Kontakt,

Beyond, that more information is needed to help. Some screen shots would help a lot.

Thank you, I figured (eventually) that Guitar Rig was an insert. Not familliar with Kontact so by the time I figured out how to get a sound I had about 10 minutes left of demo time!!!

Interesting about the 32/64 thing. Probably going to get the K11 bundle, so hope I can get it to run properly.
Will probably have to put the samples on the same drive as my projects as my SSD is nearly full. Hope this also doesn’t cause any problems??

Thanks again.

I may be wrong but I thought the demo time limit was a “per session” thing. If you restart Cubase does the demo time start over?


Per session demo is Nuendo only. Cubase demo is counted by days since the very first start.

Are we talking about a NI product demo (Kontakt Vintage Organs) or a Steinberg product demo?

Jaslan, it was the Kontakt Vintage Organs demo, I’ve just bought Komplete 11 and am installing it now. Is taking forever! But the Abbey Road 60’s Drummer has installed. Again struggling to get it to show in the Device Manager despite putting the path in the Plug-In Path Settings…

Just an FYI…

All of my NI VST .dll files are installed into the “Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9\VSTPlugins” directory. They all show up and work perfectly.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks Prock. Thing is I’m running a 256gb SSD which has all my software, samples and plugins on, but that’s close to full (about 25gb to spare) so for now I am installing the Komplete set - about 115gb on my standard 1tb drive. I know it is better on a SSD, away from projects but mine is nearly full so working with what I have. Gonna let a few instruments install (is taking forever) try again and restart everything…

I did not list the drive letter but mine are also installed on a second drive. Cubase itself is installed in the main “C” SSD drive and most of my VSTs are installed onto a 3TB “F” regular drive. So in my case I created a “Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9\VSTPlugins” folder on the F drive and added the F:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9\VSTPlugins folder location into the Cubase Plug-In Manager, VST 2 Plug-In Path Settings. That is where I install all of my VST2 and VST3s.

Regards :sunglasses:

The libraries for Kontakt and Reaktor and Guitar Rig will not show up in the Cubase Plug-in Manager.
They are not actually plug-ins but content libraries for Kontakt, Reaktor, and Guitar Rig. When you open an instance of one of those, you can then open one of the libraries in the plug-in itself.
I hope that makes sense.

That is why Abbey Road is not showing up. It is a Kontakt library.
Similarly, Spark, is a Reaktor library and Rammfire is a Guitar Rig library.

Thank you Jaslan. I did actually read that about half an hour ago, but thanks cos was stumped until then. I’m waiting for a bunch of instruments to finish installing (including Kontakt, Reaktor, Guitar Rig and Battery 4) so I can restart everything, set file paths and hopefully be on track!

One thing though, I opened Guitar Rig in standalone (was one of the first to finish installing) and it let me into the trial and the player versions, but not the full, as far as I could tell?? Anyway, will see when I get to restart it.

Thanks again.

You have to open the Service Center and enter your Activation Code.