Activating old versions

I did a search but came up with nothing useful,

I noticed after upgrading to 13 that the listing for 12 disappears.

If I decide I want to use 12 instead of 13, can I still activate 12?
or does the activation for 13 cover 12 also like with the eLicensers and older version of the same product?

I do not want to surrender the ability to activate and use previous versions.

Another question, not sure if it warrants another thread somewhat related:

Where can I download old versions of installers?
There used to be an FTP server but I think that stopped getting new (old) files, but for example if I want the installer files for Nuendo 12.0.20 instead of 12.0.70, where can I get them?

Yes, you can reinstall 12 and use it alongside 13.

In general, never delete an installer. Steinberg doesn’t keep all of them in rotation…so it’s up to the end user to save installers somewhere. I keep every incremental version of Cubendo, Wavelab, Spectralayers on dedicated ext drives…just in case I need them…which for the most part probably will never happen. But what the heck.

Yes. After up"dat"ing from 12 to 13, the 12 license has been replaced. You can, however, still run 12 with your 13 license.

You don’t need to “activate” 12. As long as your 13 license is activated, you can also use 12.

Yes, it does.

If you want to use 11 or earlier versions, you need to have a USB-eLicenser plugged in which holds the appropriate license.

Nuendo Downloads | Steinberg

Good to know thanks for both replies. Exactly what I wanted to know.

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