activating VSTi's seperate MONO ouputs

Hey guys,

I use N4 and NI’s Battery3. Most of my drum samples which are loaded into battery’s cells are mono. I have enabled the seperate mono outs within battery and have assigned each cell to these outs. I want to have battery’s mono outs come up as mono channels on nuendo’s mixer but everytime I press the “activate outputs” icon on the VST instruments panel it only has the option to activate seperate outs as STEREO only. Is there a way to have battery’s mono outs appear as mono channels on nuendo’s mixer?


I’ve not got Battery 3, but is this not set up in Battery’s settings?
From memory you can set the number of stereo & mono outputs from within Battery’s preferences.

Is everything set up correctly in Kontakt? If the correct number of stereos/monos is not correct in Kontakt, I think that it won’t be correct in Nuendo.


I just tried it again and for some reason it works now, I dont understand, i did exactly the same steps that I have been trying all week and all of a sudden it decides to work. Strange. But im happy now i guess. I still would have liekd to find out why it wasnt working.

Reloading your VSTi after making the change is an important part of the process, and deeply counter-intuitive. But that’s what NI says to do. Is it possible that you were skipping that step? I have had problems much like you reported, and they boiled down to that…

Glad it’s working now, though…


Hey guys,

ive just encountered another issue with Battery 3 and Nuendo 3.
yesterday I started a new session for a new song and loaded an instance of Battery 3, within Batterys options I chose 1 stereo output and 16 mono outs, activated them via the VST instruments panel as per normal and began working away. All was fine. Half way through the session I needed more stereo outs from battery so I created another 2 via its options box. Again, activated all outpus via the instrument panel and the outputs appeared in Nuendo, i then reassigned some samples, etc and kept working. At the end, I saved the kit within battery and saved the nuendo session.

Upon reopening the session today, I get a prompt saying:
" the mixer is expecting battery outputs : stereo 1, mono 1, mono 2, mono 3, etc. Currently the outputs are: stereo 1, stereo 2, stereo 3, mono 1, mono 2, etc".
When I go into the session, my samples from battery are all mapped to the wrong outs/ mixer channel in nuendo’s mixer. Its as if Nuendo wants to see batterys outs configured as the original working setup. If I change the outputs back to original, then close the session without saving, open it up again the prompt doesnt come up and its plays fine, however, as soon as I press the “e” button on the VST instrument panel to edit something in battery, it jumps back to the scattered wrong config.

Anyone else ecountered this? Not sure if its a battery thing or Nuendo thing.