Activation and elicenser problem Cubase LE6

:confused: Hi
I’ve been running Cubase LE4 for 3 years or so very happily (it came with a Presonus DAW). Last week I obtained an Alesis Multimix 16 USB FX that came supplied with Cubase LE6 on a DVD. So I installed LE6 as per instructions, but the elicenser will not let me activate it - the persistent error message is “this elicenser is deprecated”. Trying to be methodical about this I uninstalled the elicenser and reinstalled the most recent version - twice, with and without saving the licenser log. And every time the same error message when I try to activate LE6…

I’m doing all this on an imac with OS10.6.8, elicenser version is

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
jeff :confused:

All fixed now thanks to Alex Yabsley of Yamaha Music Australia :smiley:
He hadn’t seen that problem before… so if anyone else has it perhaps contact him