Activation Blues

Hi guys,

I’ve been using SX2 until very recently, I know it’s old but I get a decent workflow going and there seemed no need to change.

I tried the demo version of Elenents 7 a while back, and found it actually ran pretty smoothly on my aging Dell DAW. So I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to Elements 8.

Try as I may, I cannot seem to activate / authorise the installed software, I have tried several times also, numerous restarts, installing the latest version of the eLicence software. I have 200Mb broadband which is really stable so I know the Internet connection is fine.
Am I missing something really obvious guys, I’ve used Cubase for years a few all of a sudden get I’m a complete noob again.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

George Wood


Do you have the latest eLCC installed, please?

Did you really “upgrade” the licence, or did you buy a new license? I would say, there is no this Kind of upgrade

Hey Martin,

Thanks for the speedy reply, as there is no Steinberg ‘upgrade’ from SX2 to Elements 8 that I was aware of, I kinda guessed users would just understand that I bought a never version of Cubase (never assume right?).

Here’s what I downloaded, which I believe is the latest version.

Size: 33.3 MB
Release: October 22nd, 2015
eLicenser: USB- and Soft-eLicenser

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Yes, this is the latest update. Could you try Recover the licenses?

you report “my aging Dell” does it have aero gfx capability? w7/8/10? you cant run ver 8 without it

Run the eLicenser as Admin, and try again.

Thank you for all the great advice,

My main DAW is a 3GHz Dual core with 4 GB, running Win7 32Bit, I was able to run Elements 7 so I expected the hardware to be compatible.

I also have a Dell i5 laptop with 8GB set up as a DAW, I think I’ll give that a go first. Incidentally, can I have Elements 8 installed on both machines? I’m guessing probably yes, but will only run one instance at a time?

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The only way to run Elements on 2 machines is to buy a usb elicenser key and move your license to this and then you can run on whichever computer it’s plugged into.

Many thanks Grim,

Is the USB elicencer key expensive?

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USB-eLicenser price.

Here is a link to purchase the usb elicenser. About $30…

Regards. :sunglasses:

Sorry, looks like I posted while Martin was posting.

Many thanks Martin / Prock,

Seems pretty reasonable!

BTW - Elements 8 installed on the laptop with no problem at all, think I’ll leave it there for now until I get my head round the changes.

Thanks again for all your help guys!