Activation code already used

I’ve been trying for two weeks to download and activate this product and its bug after bug after bug. i’ve finally installed cubase ai and when i launch it it says ‘no valid licence found’ and after i entered the activation code it says ‘code has been already used’. i cant reactivate the elicencer because it says there is no elicencer to reactivate. i’ve sent an email to my local support… no answer. nothing.
i kinda don’t know what to do right now and this is the only place where i can maybe not be ignored so hey let’s give it a shot :smiley:
thanks in advance

I have the same issue and came to this forum in search of answers…Someone please help!

I have the same problem. Has anyone helped you yet?

I’m also having the same issue…it’s been almost 3 years and no one has a solution.


The only way is to get in contact with your local technical support or rise a ticket in the official Steinberg support.

If you activated the license before, Reactivate it, please. If you don’t see any Soft-eLicenser, install eLCC Helper, which will force to create the Soft-eLicenser Number.

If you didn’t activate the license yet, you have to wait for a replacement code from the support.

Thank you, this was a user error on my part. Thanks Martin.

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