Activation Code Cl1

My Product is registered online, i need an activation where do i get this from?

I am trying to use the Cubase 6.5 trial, when I enter the activation code for the trial it says I have no usb-elicense, I downloaded the e-license control and its asking me for an activation code, where do I get this from?

You don’t need an activation code for your CI.

The activation code for your Cubase 6 trial will be emailed to you. What you really need is a dongle/usb elicenser to put the license on. They’re around $20-30.

I have this though


i still need that stupid dongle thing? even tho i got the steinberg hardware?

Yes. That’s where it will store the license. Some of your lesser version trials won’t require you to have one, but that is what Cubase6/Wavelab7 use for copy protection–even with the trials.