Activation code error, It can't be done

I registered the code, and I can see it exactly in the elicensor center. However, there is no registration on the “activation assistant” program or homepage, and the program is not executed decisively.
JUST. cubase LE(.ver) error: “No valid License found. The program will quit now”!
It’s been three weeks already. Even the installation process is angry at the unkind steinberg.
No matter how you try, it won’t be solved. Do you know anyone?

Looks like you have an old version of Cubase LE. Please download Cubase LE 11 from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Make sure that this Soft-eLicenser is registered to your MySteinberg. You may have received an email with a free Download Access Code for Cubase LE 12.

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Thank you very much for your reply.
The Cubase12 LE code is the free code you received when you purchased the audio interface.
When I first registered the activation code, I registered the “eLicensor Control Center” instead of the “Activation Manager”, but is this a problem?

Thank you.

The code goes into the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Cubase 12 uses the Steinberg Activation Manager, not the eLicenser Control Center. It’s automatically downloaded when you run the Steinberg Download Assistant.

If the Activation Manager doesn’t show a Cubase LE 12 license after you sign-in, then you can’t use Cubase LE 12.