Activation code for Cubase 12 Pro

5 march i bought and paid Cubase 12 Pro. The activation code should be send to my mailadress. I discovered that Steinberg have my old mailadress that is not in use anymore. I wrote to Steinberg support and gave my new adress. I got a request ticket where they say it will take a few days to get an answer. 20 march I wrote to them again. I still haven´t got an answer. I just want them to send the activation code to my new adress. What shall I do?


Can you see the Download Access Code in your MySteinberg account by any chance?

Yes, now it works! I went in to download it again and was asked to “Enter your Download Access Code” and clicked on it and a code turned up that I used! But this new Cubase 12 didn´t want to be installed. Instead the earlier Cubase 12 opened.