activation code for e-licenser?

I bought the e-licenser to use with Cubase LE7. The e-lisenser box has a sticker on it with a 9 digit number. The activation code ask for 8. Nothing I’ve done so far leads me to an 8 digit activation code. The stocker on the box doesn’t even indicate that it is an activation code; I just assumed.
So where is it? Steinberg’s page telling how to find it is useless. I’m stuck. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

For LE7, you should be able to place the license on a Soft eLicenser. If you do not see an SeL in your eLicense Control Center, please check out this KB article:[keyword_search]=SeL

You should be able to request an LE7 activation code through your MySteinberg account with your SeL. Then you can either activate on your SeL or place the license on the eLicenser USB key if you want to have your LE7 installed on multiple computers (the licensed USB key has to be connected to run the program).

If you still have trouble seeing your SeL or requesting an activation code, please visit Login and then submit a “Support Request Form” and a member of your local support team will help.

I have a request submitted. I’m just waiting… waiting… for someone to reply. Any day now…

I can see the SeL in the activation window. But requesting an activation code seems about as easy as getting through customs at JFK.

Why is it so hard to get an 8 digit number that should be supplied right with the e-licenser? I’ve had this thing two days now and can’t do a thing with it. This is so frustrating. Steinberg’s site really does not help, is difficult to understand, especially for- new comers.

It appears you were replied to on the same day you submitted the request. I believe we have sent a new activation code to you. If you still have trouble, please reply to that email with a screen shot of the error. Thank you.