Activation Code for Guitar Harmonics

Hello - being based in Australia, it is not possible to request Steinberg support by email (which is most unfortunate). So, I am wondering if anyone from Steinberg can assist me to obtain an activation code for Guitar Harmonics which is no longer ‘registered’ on my e-licenser? As a major purchaser of Steinberg software, it is disappointing that there is no support provided. Thanks for any assistance that might be forthcoming. Regards. SL

Thanks Steve - I will try this route. Regards. SL

Hi Steve - unfortunately, the reactivation process did not work as the system does not seem to recognise Guitar Harmonics Essentials - on any part of the Licensing system. It is strange, because the Glockenspiel is there. I have tried downloading a new activation code using the original email link sent by Steinberg - it indicates that an email has been sent (but again … nothing). So, I have looked in all spam folders, etc. - without any evidence of the email arriving. I am left to wonder if the Guitar Harmonics part of the Steinberg system might be broken. Anyway, thanks for your assistance. Regards. SL

Isn’t that free? You can go to Free VST Guitar: Guitar Harmonics Essential | Steinberg and generate a new code, I would think.