Activation code from Yamaha console

I want to do a multi-channel recording with Nuendo Live and I have a Yamaha cl mixer. I understand that the activation code for Nuendo software comes with every mixer cl but I do not have this code because I can not find the documents and certificates that came with the mixer. My question is - how can I get the activation code for the Nuendo software based on having a Yamaha cl mixer?
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Hi @Ronen_Peleg_Avraham,

first of all: welcome to the forum community!

What I could find, is the following Steinberg help center page:

At the bottom of the text, it says:


If you cannot find the Download Access Code or Activation Code, please contact our technical support. If you prefer to call our support team, please mind that you’ll be asked to provide us with a proof of purchase. If you contact us by email or support request form, please name as many details as possible and attach the proof of purchase.

So, if you own the Yamaha CL but can’t find any papers / sheets that came with it, or if you perhaps bought that mixer used, then Steinberg will probably require you to give more context, so as to prove that you factually own that device. Like: are you the the first owner? Did you acquire the device from someone who’d already used it, and who might still be using the Nuendo license? These might be the questions Steinberg support would most probably ask you. In addition to - most probably - a photo of the mixer’s serial number (sticky label or plaque). Also, it might take a while until you get a written reply, you may have to try a couple of times.

Hope there’ll be a way for you to also use Nuendo with your device.

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