Activation Code Server Error and Licence deactivation

Hi everyone
I re-installed cubase LE4 in my new laptop i7 together with my sound interface TASCAM US-144.
I got my new activation code and when tried to generate the new licence number to re activate, got the message:
“The license server is not running. Please try to connect later”
So, in order to save time, I decided to update the already working “30 days” trial version of the Cubase LE4.
After installing the update, Cubase didn’t let me start it again at all, not even as a trial, giving
me this message:
"Necesary files or information for the validity of the Soft-elicenser have been
changed or corrupted. bla bla xx x x x x x xx xx
xx x x x x x x SeL Nr. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and stored
licences have been disabled bla bla etc etc "
Then, Cubase gave me only 2 options when starting:

“Register” or “Cancel”
Now, when tryng to reactivate, the new activation code doesn’t work
(expired?) and also elicenser gives me the same previous error:
“The license server is not running. Please try to connect later”. It’s a double screw!
I think Stainberg has to reset my activation codes and fix the sever issue.
Any ideas? I’m very frustrated and dissapointed with the product.
My Firewall has been deactivated. My system is Intel I7 with windows 7 Home premium, 4GB Ram.