Activation code using another user

Hi, please i need help with my Cubase EL AI Elements 11. I bought sound card Steinberg UR 22mk II and i get access code for this cubase. Everything wroks well but after 1 year a needed to reinstall windows so i install all things again. And there is the problem when i want use access code, it tells another user using it. Can i use this code more times or just once? How can i solve this problem? Thxs for answer.

Software/license reactivation (requesting new activation codes) – Steinberg Support

Yes i know but its not working…
Your eLicenser with the number XXXXXXXXXX was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.

When i add access code into download manager, it tells another use using it. When i try reactivate, it tells “There is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate.” So i open elicense control center, copy serial number and register it to steinberg and it tells “Your eLicenser with the number 9211023501 0C1786C151 was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.” I dont know what to do with that… i cant get new activation code…

the same problem Steinberg Licensing - Deactivate License on specific Computer

That is not the same problem.

If you registered your elicenser when you first activated your Cubase AI license, it would be saved in your Steinberg account. If it is not there, there are two possiblities:

  • you did not register it
  • you are logged into a different account than the one you origiannly used to register.

You already used the Download Access code, and it no longer has any function. it can only be used once.

Uhmm i dont remember if i registered it. It was 17 months ago, i just downloaded manager, download cubase elements, used activation code and everything works. But now after 1,5 year when i reinstall win, it seems like i lost license becouse of it. Maybe I just registered my sound card, but not cubase, im not sure. So the one solution is that i buy new license and register it?

Please read carefully.

It should be easy enough to find out. Go to your MySteinberg account and click on “Show eLicenser-based products” …

Yup, i know but there is just my hardware ur22mkII. Nothing else… The one thing i obtain with this soundcard was download access code, and i used it 1,5 year ago. Now its “consumed by another user” …by me… I didnt obtained activation license code. So it means that i can use access code only once and now i need to buy new Cubase with activation license key?..

An “official” Steinberg support request is most likely your only chance to reclaim your license, then. On these forums we are only users trying to help other users :neutral_face: . We cannot help with licensing issues such as yours.