Activation code vs download access code

I bought the upgrade from Cubase AI to Elements. I received a Download Access Code by email, I downloaded the upgrade and installed it. However, I can’t find Elements anywhere on my Windows desktop or elsewhere. I’ve not received an activation code and my eLicenser Control Centre shows only Cubase AI. Am I missing a vital step?

Elements, AI and LE are the same application - The license you own defines which features are enabled.

The eLicenser should show Cubase Elements though, have you run the maintenance tasks so it updates?

I have run the maintenance tasks in the control centre but it makes no difference, only AI is showing. Should I have received an activation code? When I run Cubase from my desktop, it’s still AI.


Everything what skijumptoes wrote is correct.

Moreover, if you bought the upgrade nowadays, you got Cubase (Elements) 12. Cubase 12 is not using eLCC, but the new Steinberg licensing system. You don’t need the Activation Code anymore. Activate your license in the Steinberg Activation Manager, please. And download Cubase Elements 12 (if you don’t have Cubase AI 12 already) from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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