activation for cubase elements 11

hello ,
i have just updated from my cubase elements 10.5 upto the new cubase elements 11.
i have also updated my elicencer to the latest version i have received the order confirmation from steinberg which gives me the new activation code for cubase elements 11 …the activation code supplied from Steinberg does not fit the elicencer activation code box

the code shows 5 boxes each with 5 letters / numbers
when i try to enter the code into my elicencer text field, it does not fit into the activation code box on the usb stick licencer…my elicencer activation code text box shows that 8 blocks each with 4 letters/numbers but the new code supplied shows 5 blocks each with 5 letters / numbers shows (as mentioned )

can anyone me out please it would be appreciated

thank you

Same problem here with Cubase Pro 11. Keep getting an error message when trying to activate that the eLicenser is too old and needs to be updated. So I do that and still the same problem. The activation code i was sent is 5 sets of 5 numbers and the old codes were 8 set of 4 numbers. The format is WRONG. I need this resolved. I an a professional studio with sessions on Monday. I have this weekend off and it was my time to install C11, set up my preferences since half the time they never port over from one update to the next, and work with it to make sure there are no glitches before my sessions, so I can fall back on C10.5 if necessary.
Admins please jump in


Are you sure you got an Activation Code? Isn’t it Download Access Code, by any chance? If yes, use it in your MySteinberg account to generate an Activation Code. Then use the Activation Code in the eLCC application to activate your Cubase update, please?

Yeah I got it thanks. I see that they added a new step in the download assistant, to enter the Download Access Code