activation for cubase LE 8

I just got Scarlet solo studio which uses Cubase LE 8 . I enter the download code and downloaded Cubase le 8 and installed it. I didn’t have elicense center . so I downloaded it and installed it now when I go to the license center to download the license .I entered the activation codes then Cubase LE 8 loads in the bottom window of the e lincense center window. when I click the green button to activate it . I get some error message in another window. what am I doing wrong? I also have what is called the red suit 2 and 3 plugins . I cannot activate those either but I’m assuming I have to activate the Cubase before I can activate those? any help is greatly appreciated even if someone can steer me in the right direction to finding the answer. :question:

Maybe this link has an answer for you. It looks like a similar concern…

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