Activation key for Vintage Classics


I just bought Vintage Classics in this sale (with other expansions), but i got no any activation key in my email. How Do I activate it? I got activation keys for the other expansions

You can check your account in the Steinberg shop (Asknet).

Hi Makumbaria

Unfortunately there is no interactivity on that link with my already purchaced orders. And in the email i got there is no activation code or download link. I include screenshot

I think you need to contact Asknet directly (not Steinberg).

There is no activation key required for Vintage Classics or Sound of Soul

Seems like I am ressurecting an old post but…

Now that this instrument is in the download assistant and NEEDS an activation code,
how I get one? When I bought it, i had not got one, only the download link…

Do you still have the old installer?

If you do then you shouldn’t need an activation code. Only if you download the new installer (vstsound) through Steinberg download assistant you would need an activation code. According to the announcement you should login to your shop account and get your activation code there. But I tried just now and I don’t see any activation code for Sounds of Soul either.

Same misohoza, I logged in my asknet acc and no code or whatever.

I tried also the new installer. It asks for registered license, which is the typical activation code.
The content is marked as ‘version 2’.

Same issue as you, i have (fortunatly) the old installer of Sound of Soul and Vintage Classic, checked the other day with the annoncement so in case i’m ready if i want to install it again, and no activation Code, hope someone here from Steinberg will notice it. I wrote to the support telling this but it can take months :wink: :frowning:

Same issue here. I wrote to asknet support and they adressed it directly to the steinberg support. Hope to here from them soon.

Got my codes from the Steinberg Support. That was quick

I got also last night the codes! Indeed they were fast enough. Worked as a charm.

I opened a ticket for this, I dont know if you can get the codes without opening a ticket to the support

I dont know if it helps,
I sumbitted ticket through MySteinberg website.

try to log here and make a ticket from this website

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That is the way it works, Steinberg Support email. They are really helpful about getting the codes. They had my store email by mistake, they need your Steinberg account email and some settings in my account. They were now able to access the purchase invoice.
Anyway, they sent the codes and all is well.
Thank you, Steinberg support, and thank you gestavrakis for your help.

I am glad it worked for you!!

I submitted a ticket almost two weeks ago… still no reply.