Activation license already has been used

Hello Everyone!
I purchased a Cubase Artist 11 in a box with a usb key! I registered my license on Steiberg E-licenser website and I got the license number on the usb key. But…when I try to activate my softver in download assistant, to download the product, this message come up: The license already has been used…
I wrote a message to technical support already. Any ideas how can I solve this issue or I have to wait for technical supports help?

It sounds like you have a license on your elicenser already, and there’s no license activation function (or need for it) in the download assistant.

You can simply select and download your software.

If that’s not it, please post a screen shot of the elicenser control center window.

I can’t download only a 900 Mb software. If I’am not mistaken the full programt akes 35 Gb . Maybe I am wrong, but according to the videos on website I have to find after activation the full program on the right side.

The site doesn’ allow me to post the screenshot…

Sorry- it does now, please try agian

After this message I only find that 554 Mb software installer. Not the 35 Gb one. My license is ok in the elicenser center. But doesnt work.

Your replies do not indicate that you have reviewed my first message to you:

Your license was already activated, as shown in the eLc. Ignore that warning.

You must download each of the components that you want and install them. I recommend that you start with the ones labeled “recommended.”

The components have been separated because in some regions it is too difficult to download one giant file.

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So just to make clear for me. Its all right with my product, I just have to downolad all the elements on the right side? First when I downloaded the Cubase Artist 11 from here and checked the control panel, its only occupied 1 Gb. Maybe I am chicken but I thought it will occupies the 35 Gb. So I don’t understand, but I will do what you suggest.

And of course thank you very much for your help!!!

But I have one more question! If I select the Pro 11 version in the left side, I can find the same components in the right side, almost everything is the same like in case I choose 11 artist! So I still don’t understand this. :slight_smile:

lots of things are the same in PRO and Artist:

so yes, lots of the downloads are the same :slight_smile:

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Ahha! Ok now I undertsand! Thank you very much!

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