Activation limit

Hi, when I open Dorico it tells me that it can’t, and if I open Steinberg Activation Manager it tells me that the limit of activations is already reached, on a computer that I usually use to work with Dorico (I use Dorico in three different computers). How can I solve this? I need to work this morning.

Thanks in advance and best wishes

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I have manually removed one of your activations on the server side (this won’t affect the existing activation on the computer on which I have removed it because it has its activation status cached, unless you sign out of SAM on that computer). You should now be able to activate on your current computer.

It worked, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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I am having the same issue with “activation limit reached” after installing on a new machine. I deactivated a previously-activated laptop and signed out of Authorization Assistant, but I still can’t authorize on the new machine. The id.steinberg site shows that I am using Dorico on Three computers, which is not accurate. I submitted a ticket two days ago, but am still waiting for resolution. Thanks for any help. Rob

Rob, I’ve cleared your existing activations, so you should be able to reactivate on each of your computers. And welcome to the forum.

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Thanks very much! I confirmed that Dorico is now working on the new machine. Thanks again.

I am having the same issue here, but I didn’t get a new machine. I upgraded the CPU, which probably made it seem like I had a new computer. Is it possible to clear the existing activations?

Hi Timothy, I’ve reset your Dorico SE activations, so you should be able to reactivate successfully now.

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Hello Daniel, would there be any chance that you could do the same with my Dorico? I have upgraded my HDD to an SSD and it’s not letting me activate again. Thank you for your help

You can deactivate the license yourself by logging in to your mySteinberg Account and then click on the link shown in this screenshot

This allows you to deactivate the license that is no longer used. After that you can activate Dorico again on your computer.

Yes, this is a new addition to the self-service pages on our web site since the last time somebody posted in this thread.

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Thank you for your response Juergen and Daniel.

I’m aware of this utility and I tried it before writing here, but unfortunately it keeps saying that there are “no computers in use” and I don’t know what else can I do, as the Activation Manager insists with the “Activation Limit Reached”

It weirdly says that it’s not used in any computers somehow

I had that as well, I ended up deactivating all copies of Dorico, and reactivating them one by one. On one machine I ended up also reinstalling the activation manager.


I’ve reset your activations, @FreganBleyr, so please try activating again now.

Thank you! It worked now

I also just got a new machine, and I’m getting the “Not used on any computer” issue when I try to deactivate my old machine. Any update on this issue?

@pmacnab, I’ve reset your activations, so you should find that you can activate properly now, and that the new activations will appear correctly when you check online.

Excellent, it works! Thank you for the quick reply!

Hello @dspreadbury
would it be possible to do the same with me? I deactivated my third Dorico license from my old Sony Vaio to activate it on my new MacBook Air but I just can’t be able to find a solution, it keeps saying that I reached the limit. Any help would be amazing, thanks!