Activation Manager: Nuendo (user A) +Cubase Elements (user B)?

I use Nuendo 12 myself.
Now my neighbor guitarist has bought Cubase Elements 13 for his vacation laptop. I want to explain Cubase to him on the big screen in my studio.
All we need is the app exe only. That’s enough for this introduction.
He has three Cubase licenses, right?
How does this work with the Steinberg Activation Manager?
Can I install his Elements.exe on my computer and activate via the manager tool? is this assumption correct, I have to log out and then he has to log in to unlock his Elements?
I ask because I’m very careful. I don’t want to lose my Nuendo license.
Thank you!

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What you are trying to do doesn’t work at all. You can’t simply copy the executable and expect it to work, the install process does a lot more on your machine, than just copying some exe files. So no, that is not working.

Then, where do you see a Elements.exe? The executable is always Cubase13.exe, what release you are using is just a matter of license, not the executable.

And for the licensing, you are logged in with your Steinberg account and the licenses are all connected to that account. To get different licenses you need to log out of Activation Manager and login using the account of your neighbor. However, while you are logged in using his account all your own licenses are deactivated, until you change the account again. You don’t lose them, but they are deactivated while you are using a different account.

If you want to give an introduction, let your neighbor bring his laptop and connect your screen to it. That is simple and does not require to play with accounts.

Thank you JuergenP !

here you can download the Elements.exe (544 MB only)
Link Steinberg website "An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts" ???

This should work. I’ve already done this with my Nuendo version (7 or 9) long time ago. You don’t need to install the additional content.

I thought of that too. But his laptop is not very comfortable and comes with a low res screen. If there´s no other relaxed solution of course I have to do it this way. No problem.
Thank you for your thoughts on this!

Nuendo 7 or 9 is a long time ago and since then a lot has changed.

It is not about content, it is the software that needs installation. It will add all kinds of entries in the Windows registry and create additional files on disk. All stuff you do not get by copying a simple file. That is not how Windows installations work.

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yes, I can see that.
Back then it was very easy with the USB dongle fot that task.
But it it´s okay. I have now written to him to bring his laptop.
Thank you.