Activation Manager on opening Dorico

Before I start, I have searched for a thread relating to this. There was a Windows issue where Dorico wouldn’t load but this is not the case for mine:

When launching Dorico, the activation manager window appears (see below) before the app loads successfully

It only seems to happen after an extended period of being closed, maybe 5-10 minutes. And just to repeat, Dorico opens successfully after 10sec or so.

[Dropbox - Activation Manager on - Simplify your life]

Same here. I think since the first Version 4 update. No issue it pops up then goes away. Program works as normal. Just thought I’d post to confirm that it’s not just you! All good. Cheers Simon

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I get this too.

Happening for me too, and now activation manager won’t load! Agh!

I get this too.

Me Too, went through the process on the link and still wouldn’t work. On my account says that Dorico 4 is not registered, which is not the case, I registered it some time ago.

I am also getting this screen, for about 5 seconds.

Dorico can’t distinguish between the situation where SAM is just taking a long time to start, and the situation where it is waiting for you to do something in SAM (e.g. to log in). This means that it is possible for the Quit/Relaunch dialog to appear for a second or two even if you are in fact licensed, depending on how fast your computer is and whether SAM has to talk to the licensing servers. It’s nothing to worry about.

I thought the thirty day licence check was dropped and one licenced, that’s it. Why therefore do we need to see this dialog? Every time, it makes me think something has gone wrong with the licencing. It would be much better if this could be addressed. It’s confusing, if nothing else.

Dorico itself doesn’t access the license: it runs up the Steinberg License Engine behind the scenes to check the license for it. In that brief time between Dorico starting and Steinberg License Engine telling Dorico that it is indeed licensed, Dorico itself can’t tell the difference between not having a license yet and not having a license at all, and that’s why the little window about Steinberg Activation Manager appears.

You can rest assured that no phoning home is happening at this point: it is merely that Dorico doesn’t yet have a license, and is waiting for an answer from the locally-running Steinberg License Engine process.

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Thanks @dspreadbury I understand. Perhaps one only sees it on relatively slow computers. But then again, why do I have to see it and be presented with ‘Relaunch’ buttons and so on? Could it not be made invisible and only present itself if there is an issue? I have to say that this may sound neurotic but it unsettles me every single time because it makes me uncertain about the licence status. A minor thing, I admit.

Dorico does wait for five seconds before it shows this window, precisely in the hope that it will have obtained a license before that point.

IMHO, that is a poor user experience: us users like their apps to start up quickly if at all possible. Why don’t you start the app up immediately, run the licence check on a seperate thread and exit the app if it fails. Perhaps that’s not how the licence manager works but it would be a better experience.

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In fact we are working on changes to Steinberg Activation Manager such that if you have a valid license, it won’t attempt to do any kind of online license check, which should ameliorate this delay on some computers. If all goes well this change will be included in the next update to SAM.


Sort of related: I just upgraded to Cubase 12 Pro. After lots of downloading/updating SAM etc etc it finally finished saying no licence for Dorico and Cubase. No panic I thought, and remembering Daniels sound advice, just rebooted my PC and all was well.

No probs at all with my Mac though.