Activation manager problem!


I finally solved some probvlems with my VST connect
everything is updated… but for some reason the Steinberg Activation manager says t
here’s no license for my VST connect pro5.
My eLicenser has the activated and working…
I’m super upset ! wasting 1h with director waiting to get the session online and steinberg license is always ALWAYS a fin nightmare .
how to solve this ?
why is there eLicenser & this activation manager…
buying these product is such a pain.

Just to make sure I’m understanding this -
Did you just update VST Connect Pro to the latest version?
Did you also go to MySteinberg > Vouchers and use the voucher “Upgrade to VST Connect Pro 5 with Steinberg Licensing”?
Have you opened Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM) and Activated that license?

I just went through that last night. Once you’re done, you’ll still see an old VST Connect Pro license on your eLicenser, but it will have a slightly different name.

Good luck - Hope you get that up and running soon

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:dotted_line_face: that’s crazy ! thanks it solved the problem
It would be nice to have a red flag on this update so it’s straight forward.
Each time I need VSTconnect honestly it’s a 1h nightmare between managing client connexion, audio settings from epople not aware of it and now this.

I like to say to client it’s fine we’ll do it remotely but in the end it’s so often a problem that I think it hurts my image.
anyway… thanks again

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Just for the records: I had the exact same problem here because of buying a new Macbook and than not realizing I freshly installed a new version!
Not a smart move Steinberg, to change the license method with the update to 5.6 without hitting the voucher into my face! Really freaked me out for some hours before the recording session.

I just tried updating from 5.5 to 5.6 to be dongle free. Installed 5.6 through Steinberg Download assistant like they suggest, Go to “My Steinberg Account”…no voucher!. Not a button, nothing. Not sure what to do. I have a tickit sent , but not sure I’ll get a response.

… I’ve answered to your other thread.