Activation Manager - Signed in, cannot activate license

I am having major issues when trying to activate a purchased Cubase Pro 13 license. When using the Activation Manager, it shows I am logged into my account. Clicking the “Activate” button for either Cubase or a trial version of SpectraLayers gives the following error:
“We are sorry, we could not complete that action. Please check your Internet connection or try again.”

My troubleshooting steps were:

  • making sure lsass.exe has internet access, as well as Steinberg Activation Manger.
    -checking and deleting `%APPDATA% \ Steinberg \ Activation Manager , as well as USER \ AppData \ Loca l\ SteinbergActivationManager , then trying again (which gives initial setup screen for account sign-in, opening browser window).
    -checking https:// entitlements.steinberg .net/.well-known/jwks.json works.
    -checking software firewall is not blocking anything when clicking the “Activate” button.

When the initial Activation Manager setup screen appears for signing into the associated account, clicking the button opens the web browser window, and the Activation Manager briefly flashes a message regarding internet connection. In less than 5 seconds, the Activation Manager then “signs in” to my account, which is already logged in on Steinberg website.

Please help!! I was very much looking forward to getting the initial learning curve out of the way this afternoon and evening. Instead, I have been troubleshooting this, unable to utilize the purchased software.

Thank you for any and all responses in advance.

I’m having a similar problem. I cloned my SSD to a new larger one, installed it into my computer tower and can’t activate Cubase 12 Pro. I also bought 13 Pro and can’t even download it even though I have an activation code.
Every time I try to call up 12, I get a window saying no licenses found and then a new larger window appears that is the Activation Manager. I click on the sign in button and get directed to a page that has my email and password. It gives me an option to pick my browser but from there all I get is “Try Again”.
If I put the old drive back in the problem goes away. I’ve tried with 2 new drives but I get the same issue. My old drive is almost full and I need a bigger one.
If anybody has any ideas at all, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Jeremy Thornton