Activation ? Notification ?

Hi i recently bought Cubase Pro 10. Whenever i open Cubase it asks me to activate and whenever i click on i want to activation now it leads me steinberg website and nothing happens. i am new cubase user so please can you tell me where do i do wrong ? i registered my email before i buy it (surely) so;

  1. What i must do activate ?
  2. Where should i register ?
  3. I suspect this registration thing will be painful to handle if i lose my little blue thing ( elicenser i guess they call) or (god protect my pc burns)
  4. Doesnt it count my registered email before i buy as registered ?

i am so confused

P.S:i thought i registered it until whenever i open the program it asks for activation now or remind me later notification now I am half sure i registered it :question:

where do i do wrong ? :question:
yes i am that ignorant :unamused:
Anyone please explain me or help me ? :neutral_face:

Additional info: Their Submit a ticket service doesnt work recently. i wanted to mail them at first.

Hi and welcome,

  1. Activation of the license allows you to start Cubase. To do this, open eLCC application and click to Enter Activation Code.

  2. Registration you can also do from eLCC application. Just register your Soft-/USB-eLicenser. Or you can do so from Cubase. I would expect this is what Cubase asks you (registration, not activation). Once you have registered your Cubase, click to Already Registered.

  3. Yes, if you would lost your USB-eLicneser or if i would become damaged, you need to have your Cubase registered to get a replacement license.

Hi, Cubase asks me to registrate cubase. After long attempts and research i have found that Turkish language is not supported and i can’t even see the typings, writings. i changed it to english now i can see what it says but :

A problem occurred which prevented the information from being transmitted.

Please make sure that your computer has access to the internet and try online registration later…or contact support team.

Error Code: ‘’ 1003 '.

Although i am online and have internet:

and i cannot open steinberg hub its blank screen.
and i can not update my steinberg elcc application?


Registration is not a must. You can click to Already Register. Or you can do the registration from the web-browser completely, so you don’t need the direct links.

But to be honest, if you Steinberg Hub is also corrupted (blank) then I would guess, there is a problem with your internet connection. Maybe some firewall or antivirus is blocking the communication.

Why you cannot update your eLCC application? Can you download the update from and install it?

Hello Martin.Jirsak i wanted to thank you you helped me a lot. now i need a help again :blush:,
-i want to format my pc,

  • after i format pc ,
    -i plug in elinsencer and reinstall cubase thats it?
    -or i need to make any additional things? thats why i concern too much about registeration
    -i dont even know i was able to register or not​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


If you are using USB-eLicneser (with Cubase Pro or Artist), you can just install Cubase, plug the USB-eLicenser and you are ready to go.

If you are using Soft-eLicenser (Cubase Elements/LE/AI by default), you have to go thru the Reactivation process to get the license to the new system.

If your Steinberg Hub is blank, it’s usually one of 2 things causing the problem.

  1. No internet connection available.
  2. Your eLCC application is not updated.

For number 2, go to Steinberg and download latest eLCC version. Install it as Administrator and then run it as administrator and click the maintenance button.

Hello Martin,

Thank you a lot… You are always most helpful.

i am Cubase Pro user forgot to mention that and USB-eLicenser and just installing cubase pluging in the usb licenser got it! Thanks again.

and KHS,

i somehow updated eLCC application it was a hard road to take for me… had weird problems there but managed to do it now i can see them thank you for update advice.

Thank you : )