Activation of Cubase 9 trial fails

Hi everybody,

I have just downloaded Cubase 9 to use it with the trial license but I am having troubles activating it.
When I enter my license key in the License Control Center, I am able to select the 30-day-trial-license, but on the next step where I am to download the license, the soft-eLicenser is grey and not selectable. I receive the warning that there is no eLicenser connected to my computer and to connect it via USB.
I followed the download link they gave me per mail and I am running the eLC as admin.
Did anyone else experience similar problems?
I’d really appreciate some help since I need this software to process audiofiles for my graduation thesis :frowning:

Installation on windows 10 and eLC-Version


Alright, so I have figured out that this version apparently is just aiming for existing customers who already have a dongle for another product.
Now I tried Cubase Elements, which also has the features that I need and it works just fine.