Activation of Halion Sonic 2 Problem

Hello: Am I missing something? I just upgraded from the trial version of Halion Sonic 2 to the full version. The license key directions said it was installed successfully, but when I open the program it tells me Halion Sonic SE Factory Presets 01 and a lot of instruments (bass clarinet, bassoon, etc.) are unavailable and follows with all the language that got me to pay for the full version. Can someone clue me in as to why I don’t have these instruments? Seems like a payed a lot of money for these things.


have you also installed the HALion Symphonic Orchestra Trial? This is a separate product which is not included in HALion Sonic 2.

Uhh…no, I don’t think so (I installed a lot of stuff when I first got the program, but I don’t think I activated them), but is this a part of the Halion Sonic suite of sounds that I will have to buy? I understand, this will be my choice. But I just want to assure myself that the instruments that it is saying I’m not getting are not a part of what I bought (Sonic 2).

By the way, how do I thank people? i see I have not thanked anyone, but I assure all that I am much appreciative.