Activation on a 2nd Computer

Hi, I have Cubase Pro 8 which I have been running successfully on my PC (Windows 7) for a couple of years. I now have the need to record ‘on location’, so I installed Cubase from the 2 installation disks onto my laptop (Windows 10), installed an audio interface, and inserted my eLicense USB dongle into my laptop. I carefully typed in my activation code for Cubase, but was informed that the activation code had already been used (which obviously it had) and I would need a new activation code. My question is this: can I click on ‘Reactivate’ on My Steinberg page? Or will this mean that I can no longer run Cubase on my PC? Do I need a separate activation code for each machine? In which case, how do I get one? I have created a ticket with Steinberg, but that was 3 weeks ago and as yet, I’ve heard nothing back from them. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m falling behind schedule not being able to record on location. Many thanks. Tom

It should just run if the dongle is installed

I thought it should too, but I’ve tried several times with no success. Frustrated and stuck!!

pull down and install the latest elicenser software on the laptop. You really don’t have to do anything but swap them back and forth. If it works on the PC, it should work on the Laptop.

I tried again - with the same result. I’m attaching a photo of the message I get every time I attempt to activate the licence on my laptop. Any suggestions? It does say I can use Cubase on the laptop for another 24 hours, which is ok temporarily, but by no means ideal. Thank you in advance. Tom

You don’t need to (and can not) download the license if you have done that alreday. Simply plug in the USB eLicenser that has the license on it, and start Cubase. Make sure the latest version of the eLicenser control center is installed on all computers.

You can not use a different / empty USB eLicenser, and download the license a second time, so you have two licenses, if that’ s what you are trying to do…?

In the eLcc click on the USB eLicenser - what does it say in the field right of the USB elicenser field in your elicenser control center. Your Pro 8 license should be listed there. If it isn’ t (what the 24 h all applications license seems to imply) you have no valid license on the key.

You don’t reactivate. You just physically move the dongle that already has the working license.

When you activate a license it puts that active license onto your dongle - not the computer. You can only activate a license once (otherwise you’d end up with more licenses than you bought). You can run Cubase on multiple computers by moving the dongle, with the already active license, between computers.

Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you all for your invaluable input and advice; I’m delighted to say that the problem has now been resolved and I have Cubase 8 running perfectly on my laptop. Your help and efforts are very much appreciated. Cheers. Tom